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Parade Of Dragons Held At Elkins Middle School

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Dragons filled the hallways of Elkins Middle School Friday morning as sixth grade students donned homemade costumes to wrap up a unit on the Chinese New Year.

Students paraded through the hall before heading to the gym to show off their creative costumes to the rest of the school. And you might be surprised what the students were able to make out of simple materials.

"Just a clothes basket, and then I took Styrofoam and shaped the head and mouth and just put cloth over it and decorated it," said student Hannah Phillips.

While the students were having fun studying about China and its culture around the holiday, teachers at the middle school were also making sure there was learning mixed in. Teacher Richard Leitner said with the rise of China as a world power, it's never too early to help them understand the country's role in the world.

"We want to make the children understand that a lot of out trade goes with China and we need to be better cooperating trading nations with each other," Leitner said.

Elkins Middle School Principal Rich Carr said that knowledge will take them even further. As the world becomes a smaller place, he wants students to be educated about the different traditions and cultures they may encounter as they continue their education, wherever it takes them.

"When you go on to school, you're going to be dealing with people from all different cultures of the world, and all the corners of the world, so what we have to do is educate our kids so they'll be able to respect these kids and the customs of the other students they will be meeting throughout their life," Carr said.

The students will wrap up their unit next week with a trip to a local Chinese restaurant to experience some Chinese cuisine.