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Restaurant Road Trip: Dutchman's Daughter Restaurant

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Cozy, comfortable, reliable, charming, and delicious are some of the words customers used to describe Dutchman's Daughter Restaurant in Fairmont.

Owner Mary Lauderback said she hopes her restaurant satisfies the people and makes their lives easier.

"We wanted to please the people with home cooked meals, a lot of people don't have time, the mother's working, to have home-cooked meals for their children. So, it just came about that way and it's been successful ever since," Lauderback said.

Customers do feel right at home while enjoying their favorite dishes.

"It's cozy, homey, and everybody's so nice here. And, they've got good food," said customer Veronica Mick.

"It's one of my favorite places to eat in the area because I always count on having exceptional food at a good price and the people are friendly here and it's a nice, bright airy place to stop in. It's got a lot of charm," said customer Sandy Hamilton.

Lauderback said the restaurant quickly became a hot spot when it opened in 1994.

"We were just gonna have takeout, but people just came in droves, so it got busy right away, so it grew, like in three months we added on the second dining room," Lauderback said.

Running a restaurant has been a long-running tradition in Lauderback's family. Her parents ran a restaurant for more than 50 years and she said it just felt right to open Dutchman's Daughter.

Lauderback's sister and the restaurant manager, Jeanie Weaber, suggested the name and it stuck.

"They called my dad Dutch. It was his nickname. He's really German and she said, let's call it Dutchman's daughter, and I said that's great," Lauderback added.

Weaber said she couldn't imagine not working in a restaurant with family.

"[Mary and I] work side by side. [Mary and I] discuss all the problems and all the good things all the time. We have a lot of fun together and we have a close-knit family," Weaber said.

Weaber came up with the most popular dish at the restaurant, the hot pasta.

"Hot pasta is, we use the penne pasta, then we grill either chicken or steak with either peppers, onions, and tomatoes. We grill them all together, and then we put that on top of the pasta and then we put mozzarella cheese on top of that and then we give them a choice of dressing, which is usually our homemade dressing," Weaber said. '

Although, Weaber came up with the recipe, she said nothing compares to eating it at the restaurant.

"My own recipe, I've even tried to make it at home, but you can't try to make it taste like it is here. It's so delicious," Weaber said.

Lauderback said people always have positive reviews about the hot pasta.

"It's like famous. I mean, everywhere I go people say I love the hot pasta there. It's our number one seller and people get addicted to it," Lauderback said.

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