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Monongalia County Remembers Sgt. May As Anniversary of His Death Approaches

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Monday, February 18 will mark one year since Monongalia County Sergeant Michael Todd May was killed on duty while pursuing a suspected DUI.

That day, May's car was struck by the vehicle he was pursuing.

Friday afternoon friends and family gathered at the sheriff's department to honor the man they loved.

"It's not that we just remember him on special occasions or certain days, we remember him in our own way every day of the year," said Monongalia County Sheriff Al Kisner.

Few dry eyes filled the room as friends, and family spoke of the man Sgt. May was.

"Todd was one of those guys that would smile a lot, and he was a jokester, but sometimes when he'd smile you didn't always know what he thinking under the smile," said Sheriff Kisner.

"Not only the quintessential officer, he was the quintessential friend," said Sgt. Matthew Starsick of the Westover Police Department.

May's death that February morning sent a shockwave through the entire county. It was the first line of duty death in Sheriff Kisner's 34-years at the force.

Friends said the impact was felt widespread because of a tight-knit relationship between units.

"We don't focus on what the patch says on our arm. Just what is on our chest, which is a badge, and we are brothers by the badge," said Starsick.

In December, Jared Green was found guilty in a Pennsylvania Court of third degree murder. He faces sentencing on Tuesday, February 19. Sheriff Kisner said no sentence will change the pain they feel.

"Whatever he gets will not bring Todd back," said Kisner. "It won't change the circumstances that his family has had to endure, and what his friends have had to endure and his coworkers."

"We never think something like this can happen so close to home, and so dead center to the hearts of the community, but unfortunately, a year ago, it did," said Starsick.

""There hasn't been a day that's passed, that my little buddy isn't on my mind. They days when I dawn blaze orange to hunt, or put a trout line in the water, or hit the ignition switch on my Harley always seem the hardest," said Monongalia County Sheriff's Department Detective Nick DeMedici. "If Todd only had $100 to his name he'd give me $98 no questions asked."

"God works in a lot of mysterious ways," said Frank May, the sergeant's brother. "What happened to Todd is tragic. Unfortunately it's not uncommon. We lost 126 officers in this country last year."