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Moms in Motion: Breast-feeding Support Group

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There are only two Le Leche Leagues in West Virginia but Morgantown is not one of them.

Instead, a group of women formed a support group of their own, and it has become a great way for moms to help other moms.

"The bonding the immune support, the attachment, the health, the brain development, the lower risk of SIDS," said Molly Linkaus.

Linkaus is a big advocate of breast-feeding.

"So just try that, unlatching and relatching, really get his head and mouth open and on," Linkaus said.

She's one of the leaders of the breast-feeding support group of Morgantown.

It's a group that meets twice a month to discuss problems, issues or triumphs they've had with breast-feeding.

"Moms supporting moms helps to know that they aren't alone and breastfeeding in our state seems to have declined," Linkaus said. "So having that support network and resource in our area helps encourage the breastfeeding mothers."

Like Katherine Akers Hidalgo.

She was at the support group with her 13-month old daughter, Gretchen, to help support other mothers just getting started.

"When your baby is born you don't know if they're getting enough milk, you worry about that, and your instincts do kick in a lot, but there are struggles, and if you're not told there are struggles, that it may hurt in the beginning and other things, if you're not told about certain things then it makes it hard," Hidalgo said.

Everything's on the table at the meeting, which can range from just a few women to as many as 20, with babies and toddlers of all ages.

Trish Whipkey's came to the meeting to get help with breast-feeding her 3 month old son.

"Just for support, no one in my family breastfeeds except for one of my sister-in-laws," Whipkey said.

From seasoned veterans to new beginners, it's a great way for moms to network, bounce ideas off each other, and help encourage the most natural and healthy ways to feed.