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Mountaineer Boys and Girls Club Asked To Leave Its Facility

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The Mountaineer Boys and Girls Club is undergoing a search for a new home.

The Boys and Girls Club have called what is known as the "Old Dominion Post Building" home since its beginning, but the club said the Dominion Post have asked for the building back.

"The Dominion Post, the Raeses have been good to us over the years, we've been here about 12 years, but they need the space back for one of their programs so we need to be out by May," said club executive director Denis Poluga.

Moving from its downtown home raises a lot of questions for the club. Where will it go? Will it stay downtown? How does a move impact volunteers and kids?

Poluga has months to answer the questions and is making the process as positive as he can.

He said older schools like Woodburn Elementary may be the answer to "the where." Woodburn and Easton elementary schools are just two that will soon no longer be used by Monongalia County Schools. Poluga said the older schools may also offer a more kid friendly environment.

"This will give us an opportunity to take a fresh look at what we're doing, and how we're doing it and how we can get better,' said Poluga. "If we would move to Woodburn, probably in the long run it's a good choice, and probably a better choice than where we are now."

The club also must examine how a move impacts volunteers. It relies heavily on WVU students who some say moving out of the downtown area could make volunteering more difficult, as transportation is complicated for students who don't drive.

Money may also be a concern. The club currently pays the Dominion Post one dollar a month rent. Poluga estimates over the years it has saved $75,000-$100,000 because of it. But savings doesn't mean the money is just laying around.

"That's just something we'll have to work on," Poluga said. "Something we'll have to come up with. We have a board meeting. Already we'll be discussing how we can come up with additional resources in order to pay whatever the costs may be at a new location."

While many questions surround the club, there is one thing for certain. Director Denis Poluga is not worried a bit.

"We're patient. I'm a very patient guy. I know it will work out, we have a good reputation in the community," he said.

Multiple calls to the Dominion Post were not returned in time for this story.