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Annual 4T Arena Rodeo Comes To End After 20 Years

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Every year, hundreds of people from North Central West Virginia celebrate their fourth of July at the annual 4T Arena Rodeo in Taylor County.

However, this year those plans are changing and the 20-year-old tradition is coming to an end.

"All of our family and friends from over the years are now 20 years older," said Jeff Tucker, 4T Arena. "They've given up 20 years of their life to come out here to help us and we just think it's a time for a change to give them back their lives, so to speak."

The rodeo was a popular event in North Central West Virginia that drew in hundreds of people on fourth of July weekend.

"They wanted to do something for the community," said Mary Ann Richards, 4T Arena. "They wanted to allow people to come in and enjoy their families in a safe atmosphere. They wanted to bring something unique and family friendly and they've done that for 20 years."

The first of July is known as "Cowboy Christmas."

Cowboys and cowgirls would come out east and begin a rodeo tour that eventually took them back home.

"We brought them rodeo from the Midwest and brought it out to the east for everybody to see and come out and have a good family time," Tucker said.

Making the decision to end the rodeo wasn't easy.

"It wasn't a very easy decision for them to make," Richards said. "It was something that took a lot of time, a lot of conversations. It wasn't easy on them."

"What we're doing now is we're trying to sit back and come up with other community events that we can do here at the arena," Tucker said.

Many people have asked why 4T doesn't have other people help with the rodeo.

"To have other people come and put it on, it wouldn't be the same," Richards said. "It started as a family ran show and they wanted to end it that way."

4T thanks the community for its support over the past 20 years.

"We appreciate all of that," Richards said. "It just made it worth the time and the effort we spent putting it on."

The 20-year-old tradition may be over, but this is not the end for 4T Arena.

It still has plenty of activities that the community can get involved in.

You can visit their Facebook page or contact them at 304-592-0703.