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Test it Tuesdays: Mr. Lid

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"Mr. Lid" promises to save you space and keep you organized with durable containers with the lids attached.

I am notorious in my house for losing lids or melting food containers in the microwave, so I was curious to see if Mr. Lid would stand up to not only it's claims, but some of the common problems I have with storage containers.

The lid is firmly attached to the container, so there's no chance you'll lose that. Also, the containers are marked faintly on the sides to help you measure cups or ounces which is a plus if you're watching portions.

When it comes to saving space, the first problem I noticed is that the containers of the same size stack well, but you can't stack different sizes. It would depend on the size of your cabinet, but if you don't have a lot of width the Mr. Lid will probably take up more space than it saves you.

Other people have told me that the Mr. Lids can be tough to fit into a dishwasher. When I tried it myself, I saw what they meant. Six containers filled the top tray of the dishwasher, with no room for anything else.

The lid is supposed to seal tightly and never spill. I poured water in one and as soon as I tipped it to the corner, water dripped out. Since I often throw a container with leftovers or my lunch straight in my purse, this wouldn't work for me at all.

The commercial shows the containers dropping onto the floor and staying sealed. I tried the same test with some popcorn. The first time I dropped it from about shoulder height, the container popped open and popcorn went everywhere. After that, the container survived several tumbles without opening again.

I use my containers to freeze leftovers or meals made ahead, so I put a couple cups of water into a Mr. Lid and let it freeze. When I dropped that container the lid stayed closed, but the container itself shattered.

The containers are also supposed to be microwave safe. I heated soup for three minutes, and the container didn't melt, but the soup did stain the plastic.

Overall, if your main problem is losing the lids to your containers then the Mr. Lid might be your answer. If you're looking for something that's more durable that other brands, though, you should keep looking.