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Glenville State Connecting Students And Employers

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Staff at Glenville State College gave students and employers an opportunity to connect with each other at Thursday's career fair.

Students and area employers gathered on the top floor of the Mollohan Center at Glenville State to try to match job seekers with open positions. Some students looking for jobs were having better luck finding that match on Thursday than they had so far.

"There's a lot of places around here that are hiring, but not particularly for the degrees that I'm in. There's a lot of companies here today at the career fair that definitely look like they're something I can get into with my management and IT experience," said GSC Senior Joshua Ramsey.

But the outlook isn't necessarily as bad as some may expect. Jeff Fowler of BE Aerospace was looking for employees for the company's Fenwick location, and said he's seen some improvement in his industry since he started in 2011.

"It's been improving, however, certain industries have been hit harder than others. I do have friends that went into industries that have suffered a downturn in business and they've had to cut back or put a hiring freeze on or something like that," said Fowler.

Ramsey and many others will continue their job hunt over the coming months, and Fowler said one of the best things they can do is have a goal in mind as you prepare for the job world.

"If I come here and a kid's focusing on marketing or in business school, that's really specific, and I have a sales and marketing position open and that helps. Just having a general idea of what you want to do goes a long way," Fowler said.

And as for Ramsey, he said he'll keep up the hunt no matter how many leads he found until he lands a job.