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Marine Veteran Stops in Morgantown on Hike Across the US

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Marine Veteran Lance Robinson made his way to Morgantown on Monday. He is on an Honor Hike through the United States. West Virginia is the 27th state he's visited and he's trying to get Brother to Brother Day recognized for all military and service personnel.

"My hope is to visit all 48 states in honor of all those who don a uniform of sacrifice," said Robinson. "The military, veterans, police officers, fire fighters and EMT."

Mayor Jim Manilla presented Robinson with a proclamation at the Public Safety Building in Morgantown expressing that the city of Morgantown honors his mission.

"The city of Morgantown recognizes and supports his endeavors and the establishment of Brother to Brother Day a day to honor and recognize those who faithfully serve our community," Manilla read from the Proclamation.

Robinson started pulling his cart in 2010 from Pittsburgh to Virginia. He made his decision to go to each state capitol later that year.

He served in the Vietnam War and is doing this to push all citizens to support all service men and women.

"Well, the biggest thing is to recognize the men and women who serve our nation an serve our communities everyday. it's those sacrifices that keep us free. The people that hurt the most are the families at home, they worry every day," said Robinson. "The police officers, the fire fighters, the EMT's they can be killed at any moment as well as a military person."

Robinson spent around seven hours on this leg of his journey and expects to take about a month to walk the rest of the way through West Virginia.

"I'm sure he's going through a lot of boots on this trip across America," said Manilla. "Good luck to him and he certainly seems like the type of individual who will accomplish what he wants to achieve."

Robinson carries a GPS system with him so you can track where he is. If you want to learn more about his Honor hike visit his Facebook page or his website.