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Marion County Rescue Squad Purchases New Emergency Vehicle

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Emergency personnel in Marion County said they have responded to plenty of accidents in the woods over the past couple of years. But, an ambulance can only get so close to the patient.

The Rescue Squad has bought a new emergency vehicle that will help it find a patient in the woods and get him or her treated faster.

"This is a UTV Rescue Vehicle that was purchased to have a better way to rescue individuals who get injured off the road," said Barry Bledsoe, Marion County Rescue Squad.

The $50,000 UTV can navigate trails to search for a missing person or rescue someone who may be injured in the woods.

"Four wheeler riders who may have wrecked two or three miles in the woods, or a hunter that fell out of a tree stand, or somebody gets bucked off a horse among other things," Bledsoe said. "It can be used for many different things."

A few months ago, a young child was missing in the woods in Marion County for several hours before a man found him on an ATV.

"I kept reassuring him that everything was ok, that I was there to help him and take him home," Harper said. "When I got him, I checked him over and he was ok. I put my coat around him. He said 'I want to go home' and I said 'we are going home'. He said 'I want to see my dad' and I said, 'you're going to see your dad.'"

The new UTV is a lot like the four wheeler that rescued the child.

"This UTV is loaded with lights," Bledsoe said. "Flood lights and search lights to help look for someone at nights."

It has six wheels, allowing it to trek through mud and water. A cot can fit in the back and it provides a smooth ride for the patient.

"We're able to come out smooth and slow and have all of the equipment we need with us to be able to treat the patient and to have plenty of people on hand to be able to work on the patient coming out of the woods," Bledsoe said.

Emergency personnel are going through training right now on how to use the new UTV but it is ready now if an emergency should happen.