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Pot Holes Causing Problems For Marion County Businesses

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Nasty weather, big trucks, and spotty maintenance have some Marion County roads looking like they've taken quite the beating.

It's not just affecting the cars that drive on them.

"Our business has dropped substantially," said Kenny Vincent, Mom's Place Manager. "I've changed over 40 car tires for people with busted tires."

"It's dangerous for everybody," said Erin Lilly, Phillips Services. "A lot of vehicles are being torn up at the cost to the patrons that are trying to come out. Our equipment is being torn up because of this road. That kind of leaves the 8 businesses that rely on this road with a bad issue."

You would think the solution would be easy.

"It needs paved, it's an easy problem to correct," said Charlie Reese, Marion County Development Authority. "The problem is, no one wants to take ownership of the road. We need to get that straightened out first."

Businesses are noticing a decrease in customers and have even resorted to filling the potholes on their own.

"I've put five to 10 tons of gravel in it over the period of the last two years," Vincent said.

"We have several times at our own cost, labor and material, filled these holes," Lilly said. "We have filled them, and filled them, and filled them again."

Business owners have contacted the Marion County Commission, the Department of Highways, the City of Fairmont, and more.

"There's some question that the state did own the road at one time or did some work out there," Reese said. "They've been very cooperative, we'll talk with them."

To make matters even worse, foundation is slipping away from behind Mom's Diner and employees fear the building will eventually slip over the hill.

"The hill is slipping," Vincent said. "We are losing our business. It is going over the hill."

The Marion County Development Authority has already scheduled a meeting with the Department of Highways to discuss the issue.