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Hunter Education Class Held in Barbour County

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Barbour County offered hunter education classes on Saturday and Sunday. Anyone born on or after January 1, 1975 is required to take the class before purchasing a West Virginia Hunting License.

People of all ages gathered at the Junior Fire Department to learn the ins and outs of hunter safety. The instructors use hands on techniques to help the students learn.

"We went over pistol actions, we went over bows and arrows some, hands on training with the firearms where they actually get down and work with the firearms," said Frank Shahan, Barbour County hunter education coordinator and instructor.

One of the students wasn't sure if she wanted to take the class at first, but ended up really liking it.

"When I saw all the stuff happening I'm like, ‘hey this would be pretty cool to do' so, I know I'll need it in the future," said Mycala Wagoner, a 13,  from Belington.

The course isn't all about guns and hunting, there is also a section that could help anyone in a bad situation.

"Wilderness survival and first-aid. My philosophy on that is that it's information not only for hunters ed, but information for life," said James Sherm, hunter education instructor.

Sherm offered the class tips on how household objects can be used to save lives.

"A lot of people get focused in on one item and say, ‘ok this is hand sanitizer, it can only be used for cleaning hands' I show them that it makes a good fire starter, it's good for cleaning wounds," Sherm said.

Sherm explained how to avoid being in bad situations where those skills are necessary.

"The first thing is before the season go out and get a feel of where you're going to be hunting, try not to hunt by yourself, if you are in the woods by yourself, be sure to let someone know where you're at and make a plan," Sherm said.

The instructors said hunting is something everyone can have fun with, as long as they take precautions.

"It's something everyone can enjoy and do, they just have to be safe, watch what they're doing, and pay attention to the rules," Sherm said.

All of the rifles used in the class were donated by Remington, and Shahan said he appreciates it.

"I'd like to thank Remington for donating all the firearms that they did to help us with the hunters education program in West Virginia," Shahan said.

For more information on hunter education classes you can visit this web site.