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Bridgeport Police Dog to Retire

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The Bridgeport Police Department is about to get a new member because one of its current members is retiring in April.

Dax, a German Shepherd mix, has dedicated the last three years to serving the city of Bridgeport as the police dog in the canine unit. Now, it's time for him to retire.

"He's done really well. He was trained primarily for detecting narcotics or illegal drugs. He was also trained for tracking, searching for people, apprehending criminals, or protecting me," said Sergeant Scott Carpenter of the Bridgeport Police Department and Dax's handler.

Dax joined the force in 2010 and was paired up with Carpenter. Over the past three years, Dax has been an integral member of the department.

"An individual tried to take my gun off of me, and in doing so, I had to use Dax to help take the individual. I would say that day he probably saved an officer's life and he probably saved the suspect's life too," Carpenter said.

On top of that, Dax has helped with numerous drug arrests including finding more than 800 packets of heroin, and 20 pounds of marijuana.

Carpenter is stepping down as the handler for the canine unit, to allow someone else to have that position. Carpenter said Dax is a true working dog, but fits right in at home too.

"He loves to work, he would rather be at work. But he does well with my family and the other dogs we have there," Carpenter said.

The upside of retiring: Dax will get some rest and relaxation.

"Right now he doesn't get any people food, he only gets regular dog food. He'll get little treats every once in a while, he can kind of relax and become part of the family," said Carpenter.

Dax will officially retire on April 18. The Bridgeport Police Department is currently searching for a new dog to fill the canine unit. Police Chief John Walker said they are looking into a Labrador.