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Education system needs reform, not status quo

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Education reform continues to be a major topic during this year's legislative session. Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin has put forth sweeping, once-in-a-lifetime changes to our school system. We hate to use the term "make or break," but that old cliché clearly fits this situation. Tomblin's bill would give local boards of education, principals and teachers flexibility and control and, hopefully, allow them to better educate, challenge and motivate our students. Decisions would be made at the local level. Principals would have more options when it comes to how they run their facilities and teachers would be empowered in their classrooms.

According to a number of studies, West Virginia spends upwards of $3 billion a year on education, but our public schools are just not preparing our students to meet the demands of today's workplace. Already, the upholders of the status quo are defending the current system, claiming that nothing is wrong. Yet, honesty must be part of this debate and if we're being honest, we know we can do better. So much better. This is the year when say enough is enough, or we stand by as we fail another generation of young people.