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Ireland Hosts 32nd Annual Irish Spring Festival

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Ireland, West Virginia embraces its town's name by holding an Irish Spring Festival each year.

The Community Educational Outreach Service began the event 32 years ago.

Sandy King is the president of the CEOS and said even though the weather wasn't as sunny as they hoped, people were still excited to be there.

"People are very happy and cheerful, and even with the rain that we had this morning, it didn't dampen any spirits," King said.

She it is something people look forward to every year.

"It brings everybody out. It's the first thing of spring. It's like a homecoming for people who used to live here, and they love it," King said.

Patty Adams helped start the festival 32 years ago and began selling St. Patrick's Day merchandise shortly after that.

"My husband, Ron, had this table set up, the same place, for 29 years when he passed away, and I have continued the tradition," Adams said.

It's not just a tradition for people who work there.

Brandy Pope said she comes on Saturday and Sunday every year because she loves everything about the festival. 

"I love the Irish Spring Festival. It's really fun. You get to see a lot of friends and family out here. Shopping is another great thing. The food is also great. I look forward to it every year," Pope said.

Andrew Spaur has also been coming to the festival for years.

"It's just kind of one of those things, you come up here, and it's just kind of a family tradition, ever since I can remember," Spaur said.

Spaur said the festival is a great way for Ireland to get recognition.

"It's always nice to have something special to commemorate [the town's] name and day and everything," Spaur said.

King said Saturday is the most popular day of the festival, which is the day the parade is held. 

Tristan Riffle said the parade is by far his favorite part.

"The parade's great. It's about Irish, and I'm Irish, and I just love getting the candy," Riffle said.

Although, Saturday is the busiest day, King said there is a big crowd on St. Patrick's Day.

"The Saturday is always our biggest day, but on St. Patrick's Day, we get a lot of people from other places who come in just to see what we're doing because it is St. Patrick's Day," King said.

To find out the full schedule of events for St. Patrick's Day and the days to follow, visit their website