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Fairview Officials Raise Concerns About Leaning Utility Pole, Crumbling Retaining Wall

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The town of Fairview is worried about the safety of its children and its residents due to a crumbling retaining wall and a leaning utility pole.

"The pole is leaning out into the highway. The walls giving away. The dirt is washing away," said Ernest Triplett, Fairview Police Chief. "The pole is eventually going to fall and somebody's going to get hurt."

"That thing could hit my kids school bus and I could not see my kids again," said Jaime Bray, Concerned Parent. "It needs fixed."

Everyone agrees the problem needs to be fixed but no one knows who is responsible of fixing it.

"We've contacted the state road, we've contacted Mon Power. Mon Power says it's the property owners responsibility," Chief Triplett said. "The state says its the fire company's responsibility."

Town officials said the biggest concern is the safety of the children at a nearby bus stop.

"My concern is the kids on the school bus and the kids that wait there for the school," Chief Triplett said. "In the evening, kids get off the school bus and you have parents waiting to pick them up."

Some parents don't even let their kids stand near it.

"I try to keep them in the car until the bus gets here," Bray said. "Then that way they don't have to stand there and wait on the bus and then God forbid something happen when they are getting on or off the bus. It shouldn't be like that."

Officials said the retaining wall in front of the pole is giving way, which could lead to problems for drivers.

"Just one guy, those rocks are too heavy to move," said Johnny Knotts, Fairview Councilman. "They need a machine out there to move them. They need to just fix the road, somebody does."

"My daughter is learning how to drive and that scares me," Bray said. "What would happen if there was a rock or stone in the road and she hits it?"

The main concern in Fairview is to find out who the pole belongs to and officials plan to go to the County Commission for help.