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Horses Find New Homes After Being Taken From Enterprise Farm

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Nearly 30 horses were seized from an Enterprise farm in Harrison County in late February.

Many of those horses were severely emaciated and in need of immediate attention.  Some of those horses were in too poor of shape to recover and were euthanized.

But many of them found new homes.

When Heather Miller first met Cash, he was covered in mud and dangerously underweight. He was also without important shots and his grooming was lacking.

"His hair. His mane when I brought him home, it was so matted it was pulling on the roots. It was actually quite painful for him. We had to go ahead and just cut it off. And we'll have to just let it grow out," Miller said.

But even more alarming was some of his behavior.

"When I first turned him out in the meadow, he almost didn't know how to run. It was kind of sad to watch him because he never got to run free like that before," Miller said.

Miller said it took nearly an hour for Cash to realize what he could do.

"It took him about an hour after I turned him out here. He stayed right in this corner of the meadow. After that, once he realized he could run, he just took off. He was trotting out there with his head up high, just as happy as could be," Miller said.

Cash is 6 years old. Most of his life he went without human interaction, but he's learning to love it.

"He loves attention. Every time I'm outside and he sees me, he comes running. He absolutely loves attention. He loves attention, he loves to be brushed, " Miller said.

Miller said it will take some time for Cash to fully recover, but he's on his way.  

Some of the horses also found homes in Preston County.