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MVB MVP: Morgantown Attacker Sarah Stagmaier

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One thing that is an absolute must in the game of lacrosse is speed. If you ask any winning coach, they will tell you your team needs to be fast in order to succeed. The Morgantown girls lacrosse team has that area covered with Sydney Shearer at one end, and Sarah Stagmaier at the other.

"We're friends off the field. So we communicate really well and we can read each other without even speaking. It really helps being able to have field awareness and knowing what the other person is doing. So there's no miscommunication, it just helps everyone do better and make everything run more smoothly," Stagmaier said.

Head Coach Suzzie Bane said having seniors on the field at every key position makes her job easier on the sideline.

"They can switch positions on the field and coach themselves. We've talked about transitioning and changing it up, that messes up the other team. Just a powerful senior year, I'm looking forward to it," Bane said.

The Lady Mohigans advanced all the way to the State Championship game last year, but unfortunately ran head-on into the freight train that was Fairmont Senior. Stagmaier did her part, scoring a total of 42 goals all of last season. She says that loss hit the team hard, and this season they will not stop until they hoist that trophy at the end.

"If we weren't a threat last year then we're definitely a threat this year," Stagmaier said. "Its made us more determined. We were so determined last year. It was definitely a big loss. We want this more than anything and it's our senior year for most of us. We're going to win."