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Jobs for adults: Best way to end childhood poverty

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It's admirable that state leaders are holding forums throughout the state to address West Virginia's crippling and generational poverty. The West Virginia Senate Select Committee on Children and Poverty convened for its first field meeting last week in Oak Hill. A standing-room crowd addressed the committee, which is chaired by Sen. John Unger, D-Berkeley, and shared heartbreaking stories about children living in dilapidated, unsafe homes and going without food for days at a time. 

For far too long, this state has been gripped by seemingly inescapable poverty. We deserve better than this. We hope the committee hears these concerns, takes them back to Charleston and does something to create prosperity.

Entitlement programs and short-term fixes are not going to address the issue. If we're going to give those with less means a shot at something better, then we need to welcome investment and job creation. Handouts won't work.

If this committee is going to positively impact the lives of those looking to escape poverty, they must understand that more government is not the answer.  They must know that a vital, thriving and hiring private sector is the only sustainable way to change. Growing up poor should not bar someone from the American Dream.