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Barbour County Businesses Supporting County Sports

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The Barbour All-County Sports Organization has been working hard to raise the money it needs to keep middle school sports here in Barbour County. And now another local business has joined the cause.

Mace's Pharmacy in Belington and Philippi is the latest company to support the group by helping to raise the $34,000 needed for the county.

Owner Rich Mace said there are many reasons he wanted to support the group, but two stick out from the rest. He wants to see the obesity rate drop, something he said athletics can help. And it's also a way to keep kids on the straight and narrow.

"It's important to make sure that kids have something to turn to instead of drugs and alcohol. And getting them involved in athletics can do that," Mace said.

So to help the group, Mace is donating the proceeds from any apparel sales in either store to support the organization. And that's something that volunteers are looking forward to. Philippi Middle School football coach Nick Mayle is also chipping in, and he said with help from businesses like Mace's they'll be well on the way to their goal.

We've set the goal with the one step at a time for $50,000 by July 1, and hopefully that will pay for the middle school sports programs, but also help to set up the Barbour All-County Sports Organization as kind of a foundation or a county-wide booster to help the programs in the future," Mayle said.

Mace said he's looking forward to making a donation to the organization by the end of the week. He said filling that need is so important, he'll be happy to chip in as long as is necessary.

"We want to continue the athletics. That's the most important thing here. If the community has to pull together and support for a couple years until it can be funded completely again, that's what we're going to do," said Mace.

You can find more information on the work BACSO by clicking here.