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Doddridge County Commission Votes to Remove Ambulance Authority Board of Directors

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The Doddridge County Commission voted 2 to 1 Tuesday to remove the Doddridge County Ambulance Authority's board of directors citing the need to reduce payroll costs.

Doddridge County Commissioner Greg Robinson said that the Ambulance Authority's budget for payroll and related expenses had been running about 20 percent of the annual budget and other organizations were suffering because of the amount of money being spent on the Ambulance Authority. Commissioners felt that new people are needed in order to accomplish the goal of making things in the county more equitable, said Robinson. Commissioner Shirley Williams voted against the move.

Robinson said the Ambulance Authority budget is $120,000 and about $137,000 was requested by the Doddridge County Fire and Rescue to help pay for insurance and workman's compensation. A portion of those funds would also go to the Doddridge County EMS, a nonprofit organization, although the future of the funds has not yet been determined.

Looking forward, Robinson said new board members will be named and maybe an advisory will be brought in to look at the operation.