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Grant County Family Vacation Turns Nightmare

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The Rodgers family started saving for a dream vacation five years ago.  It spent just as long planning it.

Spring Break 2013 started out perfect for the Rodgers.  The sun was shining and the family had tickets for Disney World. 

The Rodgers expected thrills and memories. They planned on coming back with sun tans, pictures with Mickey Mouse and souvenirs to remember it all.

But now the family wishes it could forget the entire vacation, after a life-threatening experience that ended with bruises, missing teeth, and a broken bone.

"It was the worst thing that anyone in the entire world could ever imagine," said Cinda Rodgers, who planned the trip.

A faulty balcony at the motel they were staying in still haunts them a week later. Granny is covered in bruises, and Cinda's daughter, Latasha, 9, can't escape the nightmares. 

The family was enjoying a cup of coffee and the oceanfront view, when cement dropped from the balcony above.

"Hole that actually busted out of the ceiling which was nothing but concrete. It wasn't plaster. I picked it up. It hit people down by the poolside as well," Rodgers said.

The vacation ended there.  Granny was taken to the hospital for severe bruising, and Latasha spent hours in a dentist's chair.  Two of her teeth were removed because of nerve damage. Cinda Rodgers said her daughter complains of nightmares and is afraid to smile.  Latasha has Down Syndrome and it could take eight years for her adult teeth to come in. 

"I panicked. I had panic attacks. Latasha now, she can't sleep. She's having nightmares, she's screaming. I don't know if when she lays down she thinks it's happening again," Rodgers said.

It doesn't end there, though.  Their insurance wasn't accepted and the Rodgers were forced to cough up money it  originally put aside for gifts and splurging.  

The family said the Mayan Inn made the experience even worse.  After their room was condemned, the Rodgers said the motel offered nothing, not even an apology. The family said it took encouragement from city officials for the motel to finally provide lodging at a sister motel. The Rodgers were charged for that stay too.  

Latasha will be in a wheelchair for eight weeks and expects numerous follow-ups at the dentist.