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Restaurant Road Trip: Martin's BBQ Joint

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There are very few places in North Central West Virginia that bring Tennessee tastes right to your plate. Martin's BBQ Joint does just that.

"When we say go whole hog, that's our motto here, it means going all out to us, the old southern hospitality, we're trying to bring that down north to West Virginia," said Martin's BBQ Joint manager Micah Davis.

Whole hog is right on; because the key to Martin's taste is time. What's prepared today is eaten tomorrow.

Meats are smoked for up to 22 hours, and a few times a week, a full pig is roasted for up to a day.

"From the ribs to the bologna, and the wings, everything is smoked and then prepared. All of our sides are fresh. We don't have a freezer here. It keeps the standard and quality of food real high," said manager Michael Lambert.

The customers agree, that's how the Martin's standard has been set so high. Each morning regulars begin walking in the door when it opens at 11 a.m.

"I like a lot of things actually," said regular Laney Maxwell. "I get the turkey sandwich, the chicken sandwich, the pulled pork, the ribs, it's all good."

"We get comment cards that we leave out on the table, we come back and they tell us that our food was "slap your momma good," there's nothing better than to see that," said Lambert.

Somewhere, likely down in Tennessee, founder Patrick Martin is happy to hear that. The Morgantown location joins the Nolansville, TN original as the only two places on the planet you can get Martin's BBQ.

The WVU Mountaineer, a regular, said BBQ is a Big 12 staple.

"Going to the big 12, Texas, Kansas, there is a lot of good barbeque. I'm finally happy that West Virginia, here in Morgantown has a great barbeque to give up the food we love," said the Mountaineer Jonathan Kimble.

"The value of how much food you get for the price, and how good it is for you as opposed to a burger joint and something like that. The foods fantastic, I'm actually taking food home here to my family because of the value, and it's good eatin," said Maxwell.