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ACCA Releases Red Tailed Hawk with Cheat Lake Elementary School

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Cheat Lake -

Avian Conservation Center of Appalachia staff and volunteers nurse birds back to health so that they can release them back into their natural habitat. They shared their latest success story with Cheat Lake Elementary School.

"We have a red tailed hawk that came into the center with an injury and she has since healed completely and we're ready to release her back into the wild," said Erin Katzner, a volunteer with the ACCA. "That's a big part of what the ACCA does."

On Friday, students at Cheat Lake Elementary were able to see the red tailed hawk released.

Veterinarian Dr. Jesse Fallon said this type of bird is common in the area. Earlier this month, the bird was found on the side of the road with a head injury.

"We only had her for a couple of weeks, she recovered quite quickly. She's a second year bird, so she hatched last year, so she's a young bird," Fallon said. "That makes our lives easier in terms of release because she won't likely set up a territory at this age."

Katzner said the school often invites them to talk about birds.

"That's part of our mission at the ACCA is to do educational outreach for school groups, community groups basically anywhere we can to spread the word about how cool birds are." Erin Katzner said.

The ACCA will be hosting a "Migration Party" for birds returning to the area at Coopers Rock State Forest later this month.

If you see an injured bird and want to help visit the ACCA website.