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Pricketts Fort Holds Annual School Of The Longhunter Event

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Every year, Pricketts Fort gives people a little taste of the 1700s at its biggest event of the year.

The School of the Longhunter brings in people from all over the country.

"The farthest this year is Minnesota," said Greg Bray, Pricketts Fort Foundation. "In the past, the farthest has been Germany."

Some may ask, what exactly is a Longhunter?

"Daniel Boone was a Longhunter. Simon Kenton. They all stayed out for an extended period of time and traveled all over the United States and hunted," Bray said.

The School of the Longhunter is an intense weekend of instruction that explores the role of early frontiersmen in America.

"They're interested in the history itself," Bray said. "Anywhere from 1750s to 1970s. That's the time period they are really interested in."

"I absolutely love it. This is the weekend I look forward to every year," said Don Barber, Visitor from New York. "We actually go back in time and try to do the best that we can at living as they way they did back then."

Visitors come from all over the country to live the Longhunter lifestyle, camp out, and take classes.

"Usually four to five seminars a day," Barber said. "One night there is a Fort Feast."

For most people, coming to the School of the Longhorn is a yearly tradition.

"One year we came here and we were facing Indians," said Ben Hawk, Visitor from Pennsylvania. "See if you could build a fire out of nothing in there."

"It's something we started almost 20 years ago," Bray said. "It just hasn't quit yet. It hasn't run its course. You would think after 20 years we would run out of subjects to talk about, but that's not the case."

If you would like additional information on events at Pricketts Fort, visit its website.