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Department of Labor seeks additional $5.8 million for mine safety

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In its budget request for fiscal year 2014, the Department of Labor is seeking an additional $5.8 million for Mine Safety and Health Administration enforcement programs.

The agency is also seeking $2.5 million to implement recommendations that came out of an internal review regarding the Upper Big Branch mine disaster. The blast that killed 29 coal miners in Raleigh County provoked an internal review of potential deficiencies within the agency.

A recent report from the Inspector General revealed MSHA was on track toward implementing most of the recommendations that had come out of that internal review.

"The Department of Labor's fiscal year 2014 budget request is a critical ingredient in the Obama administration's plan to grow the economy from the middle class out, not from the top down," Acting Secretary of Labor Seth D. Harris said. "The investments we make at the department will help create good jobs, upgrade workers' skills so that they can succeed in those jobs, and make sure Americans can support their families with a decent wage and secure benefits."