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Trooper Larry Hacker's Daughters Opens Up About Duties as Sheriff's Wife

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Officers are often praised for their bravery and courage while fighting crime on the streets.

But no one knows just how much danger those men are in, more than their wives at home.

"You worry, yeah there's a fear of that," said Diane Hacker-McCullough, Trooper Larry Hacker's wife.

West Virginia State Trooper Larry Hacker was shot on April 8th, 1993 while responding to a domestic dispute call. He died a few hours later on April 9, 1993.

After 20 years, Diane Hacker and her daughter Erica said it still hurts but the days get easier.

"Like that boo boo you receive as a child. You fall, you scrape your leg. You put medicine on it. It will heal," said Erica Backus, Trooper Larry Hacker's daughter.

"But there's always a scare there. There's always a reminder," Hacker-McCullough said.

Even with that scar that probably will never go away, Erica wasn't afraid to open up her heart to another man who also devoted his life to public safety.

She married Bryan Backus, the current Sheriff in Ritchie County.

"When they go to work everyday, we don't know," Backus said.

Sometimes women like Erica are forgotten. While the men are out fighting crime and saving the world the women are also working a full-time job, caring for the kids and putting on a brave face so the little one's don't have to worry.

"They have a lot to bare. They have to care for the children, care for their home. They have to work outside of the home. A lot of men and women that serve in law enforcement, they see a lot," Hacker-McCullough said.

Her mom said she worried for her daughter at first. She didn't want Erica to endure that pain again.

"You don't want to let fear creep in. But it does sometimes. And I didn't want her to have to experience again," Hacker-McCullough said.

But Erica said she knew what she was getting into and she knew she could handle it.

"The roles are many. For me, I found it important to be a prayerful person. I have to trust my husband's life to God's care. I don't know how women do it if they aren't trusting their husbands life in God's care," Backus said.

But there's another young man that fills her heart with joy and his name is Larryn, after his late grandfather Larry Hacker.

"That is where my joy comes in. Which is why I don't fret," Backus said.