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Health Screenings Keeping Healthcare Affordable In Weston

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Rising costs are making it harder for people to afford their healthcare, but Thursday's health screenings in Weston addressed that problem for residents.

Nga Golden is one of many people to try and stay on top of her health, so when she heard about Thursday's screenings at the Broad Street United Methodist Church in Weston, she made sure to sign up.

"They were doing that today, so I thought I'd come out and get it done in case I have a blockage or something, maybe they can catch it before I do," said Golden.

The event, which was held by Life Line Screening, is more than your average blood test. The company offers mobile ultrasound services to keep an eye out for dangers such as stroke and other potential problems. Instead of going to the hospital and waiting weeks for results, patients were in and out in about an hour and a half, and with a lot more in their pocketbooks, too.

"What makes us different is that we are our own independent agency, and so therefore we are able to offer all these test at a lower rate, you can get the five ultrasound screenings for 159 dollars in a package. You go to the hospital to look at these tests done, you're looking at a minimum of about two or three thousand dollars," said Leslie Hopkins of Life Line.

A recent study ranked Lewis County as one of the least healthy counties in West Virginia. So opportunities like this are even more important in areas like Lewis County, where it's most needed.

"It's probably more so now because the numbers just keep getting bigger, the numbers as in the cost, the cost of preventative care, the cost of treatment," said George Butcher of Stonewall Jackson Memorial Hospital.