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Friends of Stydahar Field Raising Money for New Turf Football Field

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Friends of Stydahar Field is a new group in Shinnston that aims to raise money for a new turf football field at Lincoln High School.

Principal Brad Underwood said the new field is much needed.

"During football season its either so dry that you have barely any sod left, or as its been the last two or three falls, its been so wet that you're always worried about is it playable, the condition of the field, what's it going to be like tonight," said Underwood.

The field will cost around $500,000 and the group plans to raise the money in several different ways.

"We're doing awareness meetings, we have different committee groups that are out there trying to raise money with social organizations, our alumni base, reaching out to our alumni base," said Chris Kellar, Friends of Stydahar Field.

The turf field will have many benefits and uses.

"With the synthetic turf we'll be able to have youth soccer, high school soccer, band practice and band spectaculars, as well as all the football events. It will take it from 15 events to over 102 events," Kellar explained.

Shinnston Mayor, Sammy DeMarco, said the field will benefit the community as well as the school.

"People look for when they're moving into an area, what's your education system like, what's your sports program like? So this turf project will build up our high school and we'll have a number one facility for athletics," DeMarco said.

Friends of McKinney Field in Grafton reached its goal of getting a new turf field and is now helping Friends of Stydahar Field reach its goal.

"They came to our very first meeting, the first meeting here. I said 'hey I want to do this right, and our group wants to do it right, you guys have done it', and its been very helpful," said Kellar.

For more information on Friends of Stydahar Field and how to get involved visit its Facebook page.