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Barbour County Man Uses Unique Methods To Train Shelter Dogs

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Many people think that in order to get our dogs to do what we want, we need to yell and be aggressive.

Well, that's not necessarily the case.

"I've got dogs that people have paid from $400 to $2,000," said Randall McCauley, Circle M Pet Motel. "They can't handle them. I bring them here and sometimes rehab them in 20 minutes."

It was a German Shepherd named Joey that made McCauley want to train and understand dogs.

"I rescued an abuse case in Marion County, West Virginia," McCauley said. "The dog became a local legend. He taught me how to become a trainer."

The Taylor County Humane Society sends some of its dogs to McCauley to get them home-ready.

"Randall is able to save dogs because he is able to calm them down," said Brenda Gerkin, Taylor County Humane Society. "He will get them to where they will fit into a family and make wonderful pets. It's saving their lives and that's a huge deal."

Humane Society employees said McCauley's methods are extremely effective.

"You want something to fit into your family that will work for everybody," Gerkin said. "We want everyone to be pleased with the dogs. That's why it's so important to have them trained."

Many shelter dogs come from an abusive past, causing them to become either aggressive or timid.

But for McCauley, there is no challenge he can't handle and no dog he can't change.

"I train from a relationship," McCauley said. "I want to respect me, I want to respect him. Never hit or kick a dog."

McCauley said training is all about timing and tone of voice.

"There's treats for tricks. There's clickers that work. But I want to train from a relationship," McCauley said. "I want that dog to work for me because he has to."

For additional information on the Taylor County Humane Society, call 304-265-4215.

If you would like to contact the Circle M Pet Motel on its services, call 304-457-2275.