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Westover Police Hold Active Shooter Drill at Elementary School

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Skyview Elementary School operates just like many others. You have to buzz in, be let in by the secretary and sign your name. But the true security comes from the local police department.

Westover Police officers held an active shooter drill at the elementary school Monday to work on their skills when dealing with code red situations.

"It's definitely something that weighs heavily upon everybody's minds especially these days," said Sgt. Matthew Starsick, of the Westover Police Department. "I know the community, me being a parent myself, gets a sense of satisfaction, a sense of safety knowing the local police department is taking these proactive steps."

Westover Police Chief Rick Panico held a drill with teachers and students earlier this month.

"What they'd be coming into in a code red situation. What the classes do, the teachers do, what the school does," said Chief Panico. "After seeing what they do we decided to bring the officers in and train them to those standards to show them what they expect to see when they come in here. At the same time, train them with basic techniques and tactics dealing with high risk entries."

The officers worked on basic aspects of clearing rooms, stairwells and working on their line of sight. They also worked on team formations.

"Out in the field doing patrols we have ranks sergeants, lieutenants. But in situations like this it's a team effort," said Sgt. Starsick. "And the obligations are of all officers in unison to accomplish this one goal."

The Westover Police Department said that one goal is keeping the halls and the children who walk them safe. The officers will continue to train for these types of situations.