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Local High School, Elementary School Students Celebrate Earth Day

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For many, Earth Day is just another day on the calendar. But students from Doddridge County High School and Salem Elementary School thought otherwise, and teamed up to make Salem greener. After planting a tree, the high school students gave a lesson on the importance of recycling.

"If everyone litters, it won't be so pretty," said Kira Madrid of Salem Elementary School.

"So many people waste our resources, and most of them are not renewable," said Alexis Cayton of Doddridge County High School.

To learn the importance of recycling, the Salem Elementary students took part in hands-on activities.

"Kids definitely learn better when they get to do things, and not just learn about it," Cayton said. "Not only are they more engaged, but they care more because they are having fun and not falling asleep in class."

Dani DeVito organized this event, and she said it is important to teach the value of recycling and Earth Day while the students are still young.

"It's just really important to get these kids thinking green at a young age because you start anything at that age just to keep that habit going for the rest of their life," DeVito said

DeVito works for ProActive Services, which is a Salem-based natural gas company, and said this event also provides a chance to change people's perception of the natural gas industry.

"A lot of people have a stigma of the natural gas industry, and think that we're out there destroying the earth, and that's not what we're all about at all," DeVito said. "We are a very green company, and we really wanted to do this Earth Day event so we could reach out and teach the next generation what going green is about and how to help sustain the earth."

Even though Monday is officially Earth Day, DeVito said she would like people to "be green" everyday.