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Alderson-Broaddus Students Provide Solar Power For Earth Day

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It's hard to imagine, but more than a billion people worldwide do without electricity. Alderson-Broaddus College students were looking to change that and help the planet, too.

Students at Alderson-Broaddus College, as well as most people around the area are used to living and working in a world that uses electricity. But for Earth Day this year, students worked to bring cleaner light to areas that don't have any.

"Party in the Dark grew out of an idea. Earth Hour happens every year where they just ask people to simply shut off their lights for an hour as an act of conservation. We've tried to redeem that hour to say 'well why not do something positive as well?'" said Ruston Seaman of New Vision Renewable Energy.

New Vision is worked with the college students to put together 100 solar powered LED lights at a party Monday. Those lights will be sent across the Atlantic Ocean to a village outside Nairobi, Kenya, where families will be able to finally enjoy cheap and CLEAN light.

"Get them an LED light, so that they don't have to inhale those fumes, furthering their education. They'll live a better life, both from a physical standpoint as well as from an emotional standpoint," said Ross Brittain, assistant professor of environmental science at A-B.

Students in Brittain's class said they're are glad to know they'll be making a difference in a child's life.

"Just honestly, you can have fun doing this stuff, so it's incredible to think that fifteen minutes of your time totally changes somebody's life, and that's a great feeling," said A-B sophomore Ryan Delauter.