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Test it Tuesday: Cafe Cup

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Working an early morning shift, I need my coffee as quickly and easily as possible when I head out the door every day. My Keurig coffee machine is perfect for that, but the cost of the single-use coffee pods, or K-cups, is a little on the pricey side, $10 or more for a box of 24.

The Café Cup is marketed as a re-fillable and washable K-cup replacement. The idea is that you use your own ground coffee to fill the pods, saving money on the pods and reducing waste.

I asked Jamie Stover to help me out with this one, because she uses the Café Cup just about every day. She demonstrated how easy it is to fill the pod and put it into the coffee machine to brew.

The first test was cleaning out the pod after its use.

"I have a secret method that I use," Jamie said.

The instructions recommended just rinsing the pod over the sink, but the grounds tend to flow everywhere.

"If you do this, it is going to be a pain in the butt to clean it off and it takes forever," Jamie said. "I have found that if you get a bowl or maybe another coffee cup and just kind of drop it in, it lets all of the grounds fall out."

There's still some mess to clean up, but we didn't need to scrub the Café Cup to get it clean. The instructions say they're also dishwasher-safe.

One of the main conveniences of the K-cup is that it's just read to pop in the machine, no muss and no fuss. The Café Cups do need filled for every use, but since four came in our package, Jamie recommended filling them all up ahead of time so that it's just as easy for most of the week.

The final test is the taste. You can adjust the strength of your drink, which you can't do with the K-cup, though there was a pretty thick level of fine coffee grounds at the bottom of my cup.

For my money, the Café Cup is worth a little extra work to save on waste and my grocery bill.