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National Grocers Association releases study results

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The National Grocers Association was drumming up some attention this week on Capitol Hill.

The group released the results of a recent study, showing its numbers for sales, jobs, wages and taxes at the national, state and congressional district level.

Those results were presented at a press conference in the House Agriculture Committee Room April 23 on Capitol Hill.

NGA President and CEO Peter Larkin gave the presentation, citing a sales figure of $129.5 billion from almost 21,000 supermarkets in every congressional district. He said independent grocers employ 945,000 people, paying more than $30 billion in wages and $27 billion in taxes.

"We can take this information to Capitol Hill to show how large our voice is and why our opinions matter on relevant issues," Larkin said in a news release. "We will strive to continue growing our industry by benchmarking these numbers and further creating jobs to enhance our impact."

The industry is responsible for generating nearly 1 percent of the total U.S. economic output, according to the news release.

The full study is at

According to the study, West Virginia has about 162 independent grocers make $667,983,700 in sales, nearly 4,000 direct jobs and pay $105,321,384 in direct wages along with $80,609,600 in taxes.

Independent retail supermarkets and the wholesalers that supply them are mostly privately held, family owned entrepreneurial businesses, according to the study.