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Denver Water Association Having Issues with Outdated System

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Denver, Preston County -

The Denver Water Association is a non-profit organization. The customers own and operate the system and they've been having major issues.

Last week, a crack in the tank proved to be a problem so big that it left some people in the town with no water.

"When we were working on it that one week they had no water the people on the main roads had some water coming through that was being forced through the system," said Marlene Menear, the Secretary Treasurer of the Denver Water Association and customer. "But the people that live up here have to have pressure in that tank in order for them to have water. They had nothing."

One of the most aggravating things could be going to take a shower, or wash your hands and not have any water. The people at the Denver Water Association are doing their best to make sure that when customers turn on the faucet they get what they expect but they need help.

The system they use is around 50 years old. It's outdated and a needed upgrade could cost around $2 million.

"We do need new tank, we do need to update our water line, we need to upgrade our bump house," said Raymond Menear, the president of Denver Water Association. "We just basically are waiting and hoping that we get the money for this."

The Denver Water Association has applied for federal and state grants for the past two years. But the money just isn't coming through.

"As far as I'm concerned, things have been right on this water situation for a lot of years," said Raymond Menear. "People just didn't keep up with it and now we're getting the problems like this."

Marlene Menear said the operation is like a ticking time bomb and could leave the town without water at any moment.

"Nobody wants to buy a house unless they have water so I don't know what we're going to do," said Marlene Menear. We're trying to keep the system up because our customers depend on us."

The Denver Water Association is providing water for the town of Denver right now but there's no telling when another problem like this could put it out of commission again.