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City of Bridgeport Reduces Sewage Odor for Residents

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Travelers who have driven on Interstate 79 near Bridgeport may have experienced a nasty smell while driving by.

"It's a really disgusting sewage smell that you get," said Matt Whitehair who works at the Larry Meyers dealership nearby, and used to live down the road.

He said the smell varies depending on the day.

"If wind blew toward or got really hot, it would be a real bad smell here along Lodgeville Road," Whitehair said.

The city took complaint calls almost every day of the week a few years ago.

Something had to be done. It threw around the idea of building around parts of the plant, but the cost was just too high.

It still gets calls, but they're much less frequent after the plant made some seemingly simple changes.

"We have covered the head works with aluminum plating," said Tom Brown, Director of Public Works in Bridgeport.

It also uses a filter system.

"A carbon fiber filter system," said Jared Cummons, Superintendent of Utilities in Bridgeport.

"It will clean up odors from the outdoors," Brown said.

Rotors help increase the amount of oxygen available, preventing the surrounding community from smelling like sewage.

"No airflow, no oxygen in it, it's basically a holding tank in a Porta-John. Whereas here, you have the outdoors. The oxygen being put into the waste stream which keeps the odors down," Cummons said.