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Test it Tuesday: 360 Spin Mop

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The 360 Spin Mop claims it will make cleaning your floors faster and easier than ever, with a rotating mop head and a spinning basket to drain excess water from the mop.

Thanks to viewer Connie Ferguson for sending us a brand new one to try for this week's Test it Tuesday.

WBOY director Jessica Dodd helped me try it out, though she didn't have high expectations for it from the start.

Right off the bat, we noticed that the bucket didn't have any wheels and the plastic handle didn't seem very sturdy. While we didn't have any problems with it in our test, it could get annoying to pick up or push the bucket around a large floor.

Another immediate problem was the handle of the mop. It came in three sections, which had a tendency to fall apart.

Once we got the mop together, Jessica dipped it into the bucket.

The spinning feature bucket reminded us of a salad spinner. Jessica had no problem working the foot pedal to spin out the water and the mop came out with no excess water dripping.

As Jessica mopped her kitchen floor, the mop itself seemed to work well. It spun around baseboards and corners, though it didn't pivot easily.

"It does get everywhere," Jessica said.

The mop easily picked up a large spill and then didn't drip, just like it is shown in the commercial.

"Well, that part didn't lie," Jessica said.

Photographer Chris Marrs even tried it out. He had some problems keeping the handle together as well, and wasn't too impressed overall.

After we were about halfway through the kitchen, Jessica, Chris, and myself were ready to stop.

While the bucket worked well to drain the mop, the mop itself was not easy to maneuver, and the handle problems were a constant interruption.

"I'd probably get so frustrated I'd throw it in the garbage," Jessica said.