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Eastwood Elementary in Need of More than $100,000 For Playground

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Student play next door in a field. Student play next door in a field.
Plans for the new playground Plans for the new playground

The new Eastwood Elementary School is truly a state of the art building with automatically dimming lights and geothermal heating and cooling. The one thing it's missing is a playground for students, and the school needs your help raising money.

"I know it's going to be huge because look at that area, it's big. So I'm going to be pretty happy about the playground," said fourth grader William Miller.

Students are antsy for a playground but the school is trying to raise $150,000 for a playground and are more than $100,000 short.

Fundraisers have been going on for a year and have raised just over $35,000. The school's principal DeAnn Hartshorn asks the community to help support the project.

"The things we're going to have are not just for children they're for adults to use. You can exercise like she was saying and charge your cell phone. And it's open for everyone to come and use. And just to be able to invest in the future of Monongalia County."

Plans for the new playground include a basketball court, walking track, and even state-of-the-art workout machines that generate electricity to go along with a child-friendly jungle gym.

"It's great that they're in their classroom and take place in that everyday. But it's also good to have that 20, or 30 minutes everyday of just free roam and free reign where they can run and play," said parent Becky Worley.

Currently students spend their recess in a grass field beside the National Guard Armory. Students are less than impressed with the space.

"Well it's just a field over there. It's not much," said fourth grader Amelia Haddox.

"it's big, but there is nothing to do down there. It's just a field," fourth grader Braxton Johnson added.

To learn more about donating to the school you can call them 304-284-8226.