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Seniors in Tucker County Skype with Senator Joe Manchin

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Seniors at Cortland Acres in Tucker County had a chance to talk with Senator Joe Manchin on Thursday.

Manchin answered questions from seniors from his office in Washington via SKYPE.

Seniors at Cortland Acres normally have lawmakers visit them in person during a special event. Well, this special event took it a step further as Sen. Joe Manchin talked with them via Skype during National Nursing Home Week.

"Having the senator do this Skype event, is excellent. We've used Skype in the past individually with families and overseas with servicemen, but we've never had this opportunity which was, the senator's plan," said Don Black, Cortland Acres administrator.

Seniors asked Manchin five different questions on topics ranging from stem cell use for multiple sclerosis to residents who are on Medicaid to children having more gym time. They even asked Manchin if was going to run for president.

"Sometime our industry is forgotten for the elderly and our folks as the senator saw are healthy, asking excellent questions," Black said.

Seniors who talked or listened to Manchin said they were pleased that he took the time.

"I think it was very excellent because these people don't get to see many celebrities and the fact the senator did appear to them, I think they were very happy about that," said Martha Nichols.

This Skype event is one example of how technology is allowing everyone to stay connected with each other.

"Often times we have many challenges with not being able to get to somewhere, and transportation is costly, and we have to figure out ways, other ways can get services to our facility and so technology is really helping us," said Lois Nelson, of Cortland Foundation.