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Ammunition Shortage Hits Area

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With gun control legislation dominating the news recently, some people have stockpiled guns before any further legislation can be passed. But that raises the question: What good is a gun without bullets?

"The price of ammunition has went up at least 40 percent," said Eric Satterfield, owner of Defender Arms, LLC.

With the current ammunition shortage, Satterfield said his shop has felt the effects. He said the shortage is man-made, and is born out of paranoia.

"I had a fellow call the other day, and if I wasn't willing to sell a case of ammunition, he wasn't willing to buy any," Satterfield said.

With all the talk of gun control, Satterfield said gun owners are anticipating ammunition restrictions, and want to stock up before any laws are made. Because of this, previously plentiful handgun ammunition is now scarce, and Satterfield has had to limit what customers can buy.

"I normally have this whole wall here with popular caliber ammo, and you see right now what's there. I've had to limit it to customers. Normally, I had no limit on ammo, now I have to try to limit it to a couple of boxes at a time," Satterfield said.

While the ammunition shortage has been a problem for local gun owners, it has affected police perhaps even more.

"It's an everyday battle just to get the ammunition into the department," said Clarksburg Police Chief Marshall Goff.

Goff has more than 30 years of police experience, and said this is the worst shortage he has experienced. Because the department buys ammunition in bulk, he said rising ammunition prices will lead to changes.

"We've definitely had to make adjustments in our budget, to increase it, to be able to buy the ammunition that we need, not only for duty ammo, but also for qualifications and practice," Goff said.

Goff said the department anticipated the shortage, which has minimized its effect, but that it needs to continue planning ahead to ensure officers' safety in the field.