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Monongalia County Residents Concerned with Broken Sewer Lines

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Two years ago, Susan Morgan and her husband, Rich Brooks, noticed a horrible smell coming from behind their home. They took a hike up the hill and were disturbed by what they found.

"Many above-ground sewer lines that were exposed, and in fact, found a broken line where sewage was being dropped directly into the creek," said Morgan.

It isn't just Morgan and Brooks affected, all of the neighbors notice the problem, and want something done. Everyone in the neighborhood is affected when it rains, the stream floods and fills the streets.

"They're becoming more aware of the sanitary issues; we're beginning to have a number of people becoming very concerned because it obviously affects your property values," said David Hood, President of the Oakview Property Owners Association.

During a storm on Saturday, May 18, the street flooded, and Morgan was concerned with the neighborhood children's safety.

"I saw children playing in water that comes from the backside of the hill behind my home, where there are exposed, broken sewer lines," said Morgan.

Many of the residents said they still can't believe this is happening in their backyard.

"The main concern of all of us is health and well-being. What you're about to see in terms of the exposed pipes, the exposed sewer lines, these are not the normal types of things that should be in a neighborhood" said Zach Mendelson, a concerned citizen.

When walking the stream there are exposed lines, lines that had been repaired in the past, and tons of erosion. All things that lead to concerned residents.

The Morgantown Utility Board has repaired a few broken lines, but Morgan said with the storm water they don't stay fixed very long.

When contacted the M.U.B released this statement:

"Morgantown Utility Board is very much aware of, and concerned about, the sanitary sewer issue in the Forest Drive and Poplar Woods area. The issue is the result of a sewer pipe being exposed to uncontrolled stormwater from a local stream. Unfortunately, the area is outside MUB's stormwater utility and not subject to stormwater regulations. However, we will provide a plan within 30-days for repairing or replacing the sewer and for stabilizing the stream to the extent necessary for protecting the sewer. We have been conducting monthly inspections of the sewer and this week began daily workweek inspections. We appreciate the continued patience of local residents as we move forward with addressing the issue."