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Women-Owned Businesses Succeed In Clarksburg

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According to the United States Census Bureau women own 28 percent of businesses in the United States.

"The men are basically the business men going on to the courthouse and things of that route. But a lot of women are out doing shopping," said Beth Hoskinson, owner of the Looking Glass in Clarksburg.

But Cathy Goings, owner of Wicked Sisters in Clarksburg, sees a different picture locally.

"More small businesses these days are owned by women. Women are becoming more independent," Goings said.

Beth Hoskinson opened up the Looking Glass about six weeks ago with her husband.

She said he may be better with the numbers and the money side of things, but she knows what their customers are looking for.

"I concentrate on getting the clothes and the stuff in the stores set up. I have a lot of fun talking with the ladies who come in," Hoskinson said.

Goings said being a woman is an advantage in retail.

"That's the beauty of it. Who knows more about what a woman wants to buy or need than another woman? So it just made perfect sense to do apparel and accessories," Goings said.

Both women agreed that opening a business is a risk. It's a challenge they both accepted. They said being a woman didn't make that risk any higher.

"Anytime you go into a business, male or female, there is a risk involved. If it is something you truly believe in and you have a product or service people need, it makes logical sense to take that step and be the one to provide it," Goings said.

They said more woman should take that risk.

"If you don't take a chance how are you going to know what opportunities you miss if you don't take a jump," Hoskinson said.