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Dave Kopsa

Director of High Adventure, 
Summit Bechtel Reserve 
Oak Hill, 33

Working behind the scenes of one of the largest events in West Virginia, many might consider Dave Kopsa to be under a lot of pressure.

Kopsa, who now lives in Oak Hill, is mostly working directly with what he loves. Kopsa is the director of high adventure for the Summit Bechtel Reserve, where thousands of Boy Scouts will soon descend for the national jamboree. 

Kopsa is charged with making sure the instructors at the facility have everything they need to facilitate instruction of high-adventure activities such as rock climbing, kayaking and whitewater rafting.

Kopsa studied at the University of Iowa and grew up in Iowa City. 

"I started working for the Scouts in college," Kopsa said. "In the summer I started out cleaning toilets."

He was eventually given the opportunity to take his service to the Boy Scouts to a more desirable position when he was offered a job managing a backpacking program for the Scouts. He worked in that position for five years before he was offered a job working with the program department at the Summit. 

As the director of high adventure, Kopsa also is the professional liaison to the Jamboree program team for the event this summer.

"After the Jamboree, we'll be starting our 2014 program, which is a high adventure program," Kopsa said. "That means they will have experiences they don't typically get to do out on regular camping trips."

What is the most rewarding part of the position? 

"I think working with Scouts," Kopsa said. "My role, as far as getting ready for the Jamboree, is that I spend a lot of time supporting our volunteer teams that are running the various events at the Jamboree. I don't necessarily always work with the Scouts. My role is working with the people that are providing them that program." 

Kopsa had never been to West Virginia until he took the job "sight unseen" and moved to Oak Hill two years ago. 

In his spare time, Kopsa has hobbies not far removed from his job. He said he enjoys skiing, hiking, camping and other outdoor activities.