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Reeves Kirtner

Operations Manager, 
Kindred Communications 
Huntington, 30

It doesn't matter what the format is. Thirty-year-old Reeves Kirtner loves the radio and is still pursuing his radio dreams that started with his first job on the air at the age of 16. 

That first experience wasn't so good. Kirtner was a 16-year-old standing at a microphone on the midnight shift on Christmas.

"I was awful. I was horrible. I was shaking I was nervous," Kirtner said. "Because of that shift though, I got a chance to do it. Those shifts don't really exist in radio anymore. ... It helped me get into radio."

One of his biggest fears now as an operations manager at Kindred Communications is that those types of shifts are shrinking away. 

Tighter budgets and syndication availability, Kirtner said, have made it harder and harder for young talent to get a chance at those positions that give them a chance to get comfortable behind a microphone. 

These days Kirtner said he is involved "in a little bit of everything." While programming at the station is his main duty, he also has responsibilities in music, talent, promotions, imaging and sales operations at the company.

One of the things he said he likes about his job is that it doesn't require a lot of de-stressing. 

Among other fun perks enjoyed in the radio business, Kirtner said he enjoys talking music, going to concerts and playing music. Sometimes, however, it can get a bit stressful. 

"Sometimes if you've had a long week or a long day and need to reset, I'll just make sure all of our stations are on-air and working," Kirtner said. "Then I might not listen to the radio that hard for a few hours or a day."

In those situations, Kirtner said he enjoys relaxing with his iPod where he can play music that doesn't catch much, if any, air time on radio stations. 

How do you get to be successful in radio, or any business for that matter? 

"Have passion about what you do," Kirtner said. "Care what you do. I love making good radio — all formats too. I love a good talk station, a good rock station, a good country station, a good pop station. Good radio is good radio."

Kirtner is a Marshall University graduate who grew up in Louisville, Ky., and Culloden. He is married to Bethany with two children — Carly, 6, and Addison, 4 months.