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Samuel Cava

Federal Bureau of Investigation 
Bridgeport, 39

Sam Cava is a family man. 

"I have four kids and a beautiful wife," he said. "When I leave work, I get lots of attention from them. It serves as a great distraction."  

And that's why he's passionate about his work with the FBI. 

"I do what I do because I love my family," he said. "I could have taken a lot of different opportunities to go into the commercial sector. I could have made more money, but I stuck with the government because I believe in what we're doing and I think that's why God put me on this Earth." 

Cava's favorite part about his job is the sense of community. 

"There is a brotherhood in the unity of effort that you just don't find in many places in the commercial world," he said. "Lots of people are working toward a common cause." 

So, how did Cava get to where he is today? 

Well, he started out as a box boy at Honeywell. There, he packaged and shipped filters. However, all that changed when his manager learned of his computer skills. 

"I quickly became the go-to guy for all computer operations," he said. "As a 16-year-old boy, I was doing things at that time that probably not a lot of career professionals were doing." 

When Cava isn't at work, he enjoys photography, building things and, of course, spending quality time with his family. 

He said he also achieves a balanced life by managing his time. 

"When my family needs something, I apply everything to that. And if I have to spend more time at work, I apply it to that. Sometimes work demands that you favor that instead, but the best thing about having a wife that supported me all through my military service is that she picks up the pieces that I may miss at home. It's part of being a good team." 

That's why Cava recommends people to be result-oriented. 

"I try not to focus too much on planning my career," he said. "I put all my emphasis on doing whatever I'm doing at the time in the hope and expectation that things for me, personally, will work out if my work product is good."