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Brian Jarvis

The Exponent-Telegram 
Clarksburg, 30

Although Brian Jarvis is an attorney, he interned during the summers at The Exponent-Telegram, his hometown newspaper in Clarksburg.

That might be part of the reason why Jarvis now owns a majority stake in the company.

Jarvis, who worked in mergers and acquisitions at Jackson Kelly, said he saw the opportunity to purchase part of the paper and seized it.

"What happened was it was owned mostly by the Highland family and they wanted to sell their shares out of the newspaper and I was in a position to acquire their interest," Jarvis said. "They gave me some suggestions and I've always had some involvement in the newspaper. My father had a stake in the paper before he passed away six years ago."

After studying in South Carolina and Florida, Jarvis said he lost touch with the community. Taking over the newspaper was a good way for him to not only reconnect but also improve the paper.

"It was a very good way in to be able to really touch and feel everyone in the area again," he said. "I knew it needed a different direction. We didn't have a quality website, and I got all that going last year. We now have a digital side to the newspaper company."

Jarvis said he is comfortable in his new position, thanks to his summer internships and computer science and business courses in college. And although he's happy with the decisions he's made, he admits taking over a small, local newspaper was a risk.

Jarvis said his late father, also an attorney, motivated him to get involved in both law and publishing. 

"He's really the one who convinced me it's something I should do after I graduated," Jarvis said.

The elder Jarvis was killed in a bicycle accident in 2007 while training for a triathlon. 

"We didn't get to form our own law firm together because he died my second year of law school," Jarvis said. "He was training for a triathlon. It's part of the reason I'm still around the area because of the great things he did. He was my mentor all through it and part of the reason I'm doing what I'm doing. He definitely spearheaded my plans to get into law. I probably would not have done it if he hadn't encouraged it. I would not be in this position."