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Jon LeRose

Mid-State Ford 
Summersville, 39

Jon LeRose has grown up in the car business. 

The Summersville native started out washing cars at his father's dealership. LeRose graduated from Glenville State College with a business management degree and then started a used car lot with his brother. 

They ran that dealership for two and a half years until they had the opportunity to get involved with Mid-State Chevrolet in Flatwoods. 

His brother went to Flatwoods. LeRose, meanwhile, ran the used car lot through Mid-State Automotive from 2002 until 2008, when he bought the Ford dealership.

"I kind of fell into the business," he said. "My dad, uncles, great grandfather, all of them have always been in the car business. So I grew up in the car business."  

Now, LeRose, 39, serves as one of the owners of the dealership. His favorite part of the business, he says, is helping people. 

"Dealing with people, for sure, is my favorite part. I just really enjoy helping the community. I do a lot in the community with charities and whatnot. Part of our business is that we get to help and do stuff with them. It's just such a pleasure helping people out." 

In fact, community outreach is one of his favorite parts of his job. 

"We've raised money for two high schools in our county through three fundraisers. We've raised $25,000. We also do Drive for Your Community, where we get citizens to come out and test drive vehicles and Mid-State Ford will make a donation to organizations. It's something we're proud of." 

And there's nothing he would rather do. 

"I would tell people to follow their dreams and definitely to work hard. Something we see a lot with the younger generation is work ethic. If you want to be successful, you have to put in the hours. You can't just work to get a paycheck. Whatever you do, do it passionately. Do something you love. Do something you care about." 

When LeRose isn't at work, he says he likes to spend time with his two sons, and he also enjoys golfing and hunting. He also serves on the Summersville Chamber of Commerce and as a member of the Nicholas County Memorial park Board.