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Amber Shor

Financial Representative, 
Northwestern Mutual 
Clarksburg, 33

It wasn't an obvious fit at the start, but now, Northwestern Mutual Financial Representative Amber Shor can't imagine doing any other work.

Originally from Lost Creek in Harrison County, Shor — then Amber Morrison — earned a degree in business administration from Alderson-Broaddus in 2003.

She'd been a sales representative at Old Navy through college and, on graduation, continued on up into management. But she found that retail wasn't for her. At a job fair in Morgantown, she decided to make the leap to Northwestern Mutual.

"They put you through sales school," Shor said. "They told us, people are going to do business with you if they like you and trust you — and when I started calling on people I knew and getting referred to other people, I knew this was a good fit for me."

Shor said it took some time as a financial representative to develop a client base. She got involved in the community — United Way, the chamber — as a way of meeting people. But since about 2008, she's been in her stride.

"I actually can't see myself doing anything other than this," she said.

Well — there is one other thing. That's investing in real estate with her husband, A-B Assistant Vice President of Institutional Accreditation Eric Shor. Research told the two that if they wanted to increase their financial independence they'd have to "step outside the box." They bought their first property in 2005 and now, operating as Plantation Properties, they own and rent out 15 apartments and homes in the Clarksburg area.

Shor continues to work with the Harrison County Chamber of Commerce and also contributes time on the Alumni Council at A-B and the Harrison County Rotary Club. She has in the past served on the board of the United Way of Harrison County, an activity she expects to return to next year.

The Shors live in Quiet Dell with their one-year-old son, Adrik. Shor's parents, Tom and Kelly Morrison, live nearby, as does sister Tiffany.