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Keith Dumas

Wealth Manager, Associate Partner, 
Beacon Wealth Management 
Bridgeport, 36

Keith Dumas has always loved to save money.

That might be the reason he helped start a wealth management business to help others plan for their futures.

"I've always been interested in money, and I was always interested in saving it, which is really weird for a young person," Dumas said. 

Dumas said his first job was at a roadside fruit stand where he worked after school and on weekends. His parents made him open a bank account and contribute to a Roth IRA. But now, Dumas said the tides have turned and he's the one encouraging his clients to open retirement accounts.

"Just getting people to start saving money is a huge, huge deal in society — not having to worry about someone taking care of you in retirement," he said.

Dumas graduated from Marshall University with a degree in finance. He and his wife moved to North Carolina and started a family. They moved back to West Virginia in 2007, where Dumas seized an opportunity to start a business.

"When I got back here to West Virginia, I had a lot of experience in the financial field," he said. "I had worked in it since I graduated in 1999. I already had seven years' experience in the financial field. I knew that's what I wanted to stay in, so I started my business."

Dumas is a past president of the Harrison County Rotary Club, where he and other club members worked to bring attention to illiteracy.

"I've never ever thought of a home without books. I thought that was a way of life. You just had books," he said, noting many parents can't afford books or don't read to their children. "Part of my program when I was president was providing books to children, to homes in need, and whether they could read them or not, at least they could look at it and memorize pictures." 

He's also involved with his church, but his family is his No. 1 priority.

"I really strive, in everything I do, is for them to have a better life and for us to have a better life together," he said. "They're everything to me. Everything I do, I think of them when I do it."